Night Crawler

Built by: Paul Canney in Avon Lake, Ohio

Gaudy, Tacky, and Politically Incorrect, this is the rarest of the early 70's "Big Heads" rods from MPC.....

Another ebay acquisition, this was almost in the unbuilt condition it was listed as. However, somewhere in its previous life, someone felt that gluing random pieces to the fender assembly was appropriate, leaving the original unit useless.

Conversations in the Coffin Corner identified the base kit as Carl Caspers Paddy wagon. Which originated from the Fire Truck, which originated from Tognotti King T. So I used a fender assembly from a spare King T. which is different only in the engraved tuck and roll work on the fender steps.

The "blood red" is actually Cobra Color's Wineberry lacquer over gold. The mini coffin gas tank, lanterns and "creaking gate" windshield were treated with Alclad. The rear "coffin storage chest" is Alclad pale gold.

The 3 piece head was assembled and filled inside, then primed and the face was shot with blends of white, pink, and light tan. Then the hair was brush painted with acrylic reds, white and browns. He looks a little wired doesn't he?

This may be the only usage of a haunted house for a radiator! I was a young dad with no time or money for models when this was released in 1974. I actually didn't even know it existed until Dave's Show Rod Rally.

I stretched the frame 3/16ths of an inch in the middle, after test fitting the frame to the fenders. I discovered (remembered) that the wheelbase was too short (as the King T is).

All in all.. a wonderful addition to my collection.


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