Li'l Sandy's Crab Van

Built by: Pontiac Jack in Merlynston, Victoria, Australia

I had always wanted to build the TD Sand Crab kit, but They are very hard to find and when you do find one, the price is normally pretty outrageous!

I decided to start with the Lil Van kit and modify it to back to its origins. The only parts missing to complete the conversion are the green tinted roof, decals, headrests and sand dune base.

It is basically built box stock, the only major mod was cutting the roof out. The hole was filled with clear plastic tinted with Ira's blue window tint.

The exhaust system had to be cut to pieces, then aluminum tubing was added to simulate mufflers. The driving lights were removed from the roof and are fitted to their original mounting points, which are still under the front lip of the body.

The engine is wired with guitar string antenna with a styrene ball on top. I painted it with Plasticoat rattle cans.

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