Li'l Gasser

Built by: Dave Kapp in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

I've been a showrod builder since as long as I can remember (about 40 years) that makes me feel old! The first kit I ever had was a monster type of thing called "Road Hog."

You can only imagine how excited I got when AMT reissued the Li'l Gasser--now that I am grown up and actually have enough money to buy one! It is basically a stock kit with some engine wiring and an electric bass G string for a radiator hose. I also fabbed up a blower belt guard out of a small strip from an aluminum oven tray.

The interior is 2-tone purple and green flocking. The body seams were filled and lovingly treated to multiple coats of Tamiya transparent orange over Testor's gold. I also filled the seams of the tank and "plated" it with Alclad II.

While conducting the outdoor photo "shoot" for these pics, I got distracted and went to my garage leaving my precious Lil Gasser unattended! When I came back, I found that the wind had caught the sheet of paper I was using as a backdrop and tossed the model onto the deck, knocking off the clearance lights, front suspension, headers and grill. Even the slicks were dislodged from the mags! I managed to locate all of these parts except the grill which I eventually found under the deck and I had to fish it out with a yard stick and some masking tape. Some of the photos are "before" and some are "after."

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