Built by: Dean Groves in Burton, Michigan

This is the Monogram Vanbulance, I tried to make it as close to the box art as possible. It was easy to assemble after I went through some hardships getting the white to stay clean while doing the orange, I painted the inside of the siren on top candy red to show up better.

I wanted to seek out a real show rod that was discontinued and fairly hard to get. I worked on it in the state of Florida for a few months, then finished the work back in my shop in Michigan and really got busy to fine-tune this awesome creation from the one and only Tom Daniel.

I used gloss orange and white Testers rattle cans for the outer body and a lighter shade orange for the interior. The back inner door skin was painted orange with a candy red overcoat, then the whole body was competed with lots of high gloss clear coat. Hope you enjoy this timeless TD classic.

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