Unreal Roller (customized)

Built by: Jeff Harper in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The Unreal Roller was a kit I chased for a number of years until a fellow club member mentioned that he had a sealed one in his collection that he would probably never build. A deal was struck and I was off to work. Since I already had a couple of Groovy Graders I decided to build them all for the same 'company'.

Like a lot of us I had built many Tom Daniel kits in my younger days, so I decided it was a good time to pay tribute to Tom and label them all "TD CONSTRUCTION CO."

Since there was going to be a series of company vehicles I decided to stray from the original colors and decals. I chose to use Duplicolor Mirage paint, in a "flip-flop" green to silver color. This paint system uses a three step sequence of base coat / color coat / clear coat, and works pretty well. Although when done the paint actually looks the best in a natural light.

Once the body was painted I decided to paint the engine block fluorescent green, and detail it with green telephone wire, which had almost a metallic look to it.

I did not do any other detailing to the model, paying honor to the simplicity of these kits that we had so enjoyed as kids. The final touch was to apply a set of "TD CONSTRUCTION CO." decals, another club member made on his Alps printer.

Each vehicle was given a 'truck number' on the model, and that is the actual kit number from the box.

This onešs for you Tom !

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