Voxmobile (complete scratch-built 1:18 replica)

Built by: Mike L. Scott in West Allis, Wisconsin

The Vox mobile is my second attempt (first was the Redd Foxx Wrecker) to recreate an existing Barris show rod model from the 60s never before available as a kit or die cast. I found most of the reference material on the Internet with additional details located while looking for VOX audio equipment on ebay.

I went again with the 1/18th scale since the level of detail and the fact that my eyes are not what they used to be makes this size right for me. The frame was stolen from a 57 Chevy drag car die cast which matched the wheel base I needed.

The engine is also from a die cast Mustang which had the correct ford cobra 289 V8. The wheels, tires and front suspension were donated by the Mako Shark die cast. So I basically cannibalized 3 die cast cars for this project.

After the frame was altered to the desired specifications, the body was roughed out in Reshape high density pattern makers foam. This saves a lot of time as sheet stock styrene would have to be built into forms--a lot easier to sand down and carve blocks. This was covered in plastic filler and covered with PPG surfacer.

Flat side panels and frets on the guitars is flat sheet stock while wires are in fact steel. The Vox amp cloth is made out of steel door screen. The exhaust is aluminum rod along with the roll bar behind the seats.

All the detail is sheet plastic or photo etched steel. The platforms surrounding the car for musicians to stand on are covered on foil with painted black anti-skid stripes. The interior was fabricated using the near-impossible-to-find photo reference.

The windshield is Vac-formed over a Reshape buck then tinted Grey--the fasteners along the lower edge are the heads from straight pins. The guitars are sheet styrene and detailed from pix off eBay of the same style instruments covered with a decal overlay directly from the photos.

The entire car can be disassembled as it is screwed together--this was done in case I had to reproduce it. Since George Barris wants to buy both my Voxmobile and my Redd Foxx Wrecker, I am now forced to at least make a copy for myself. Never quite finished.

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