Unreal Roller


Builder: Mike Vautour

I bought this kit as it was never a real machine so that would afford me a free reign at how I wanted to finish it and I thought it would be neat to bring it in to the real world. 

Firstly, the chrome rollers would never make it, so I measured some soda can aluminum, used spray adhesive and applied it  to the rollers for a scale steel finish.

The dash layout needed a tilted section built onto it so the pilot could see the gauges (replaced with aluminum bezels and red/white faces) along with a few red lights and some levers. 

It was also reversed as it was ‘framed’ on the other side.  I added hanging clutch and brake pedals plus a gear shift as well as a back to the driver’s seat.

The hand brake is such an attention getter it mystified me why it was done as one piece.  I rebuilt it from brass and wire and made up some simple linkage.

Also, why did they put wheels on the wheelie bars?   A piece of aluminum tube fit over them just about perfectly to make a wheelie roller.  

I beefed up the engine, gave the roller better lights scratched from dog dish hubcaps, googly eyed lenses, and staple gun staples.

There’s a step to use to get on the unit, fire extinguisher, and first aid kit. Just stuff you’d probably find in the real world.

The top was dropped just enough to give it a more aggressive stance.The supports were straightened also. 

The shroud was on most rollers so I scratchbuilt one to sit between the front forks. 

The final whimsy was a hydraulic unit to make the steering believable, and rain caps punched from aluminum for the ends of the headers.

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