Boss A Bone


Designed by Tom Daniel the Boss A Bone was Monogram's first rebox of the Blue Beetle . This one was a really cheap glue bomb but it was complete except for the windshield, headlight lenses, and rear license plate. 

There was a ton of glue so disassembly was difficult but eventually it was apart with only the normal broken axles and rear spring . There was also damage to one side of the bed that needed to be repaired. After a good cleaning the bed , rear axle, and spring were repaired, and I modified the front to have poseable steering. 

The small rear window was sanded and polished to remove the glue and a new windshield was cut from clear sheet. New headlight lenses were cast using molds from Blue Bandito lenses. I also drilled out the horn and exhausts. 

The frame and body parts are polished and cleared with TS-13 and the top was cleaned and sprayed with DullCote. All of the chrome was redone with Molotow. 

It was reassembled completely box stock except for the poseable steering , a tailgate decal, the license plate , and a woodgrain decal for the pickup bed .

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