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Built by: Paul Canney Sharon Ctr, Ohio

I tend to buy a lot of broken down models on eBay. I don't know why. Anyway, while piddling through my 1/25th scale show rod junkyard, I stumbled upon the remnant of an Eldon Outhouse that had 3/4's of it's frame rmaining along with a complete engine and 1 slick hanging on for dear life. There was no front axle or wheels/tires remaining.

The frame was useless, so I stole one from an AMT Paddy Wagon showrod junker.

I apologize I do not remember where the engine comes from. I think it's from an original 3 in 1 (builds 2 complete cars) edition 1925 Model T (the one with the chopped coupe). It's an odd set up with the blower having 4 injectors pushed to the front of the engine.

The headlights are from a Revell Roth Outlaw mounted on bent 90 degree aluminum tubing.

The tow crane is obviously from an AMT/Lindberg '34 Ford Pickup.

Side lanterns & running lights were stolen from a recent Surf Woody. And the tail lights were borrowed from a junk Canned Heat.

Aside from changing the seats from sloppily painted gold to pink and touching up the picture frame windshield's gold, I decided to not touch any of the body's brush paint. The firewall and cowl were totally left alone from it's 60's brush paint, and aside from one or 2 little dabs, the main body is as delivered and in keeping with the brush painted theme, the frame is brush painted Tamiya gold.

The new parts were from 'parts' auctions on the 'bay. Everything else is from broken down missing pieces/parts showrods accumulaated.

Rear tires from a Beretta Pro Street

and Shhh..The crane's chain is from my wife's jewely case so hush hush.

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