Little Deuce

Built by: Bob Spedding  -  Citrus Park , Florida 

This Little Deuce restoration started as an assembled and painted original and used 99% of the original parts.

The only non original parts are the resin cast headlight lenses and the soft top bows.

After disassembling the model and stripping the old paint a few repairs were needed. Both rear bumper mounts were missing so they were rebuilt using Evergreen plastic strip. Both front wheel mounting stubs were snapped off so they were repaired and modified to have poseable steering. The headlight lenses were destroyed during disassembly so I cast new ones using lenses from a Blue Bandito to make molds. The top bows were made from plastic strip.

It was then reassembled completely box stock, except for sanding and grooving the slicks, and painting some Blue Dots on the taillights.

The Little Deuce is painted with two coats of Tamiya TS-49 Bright Red followed by two coats of TS-13 Clear . I had a set of original decals that were first cleared and then applied to the finished model without any issues.

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