Uncertain Tooned

Built by: Brian Bush Merrifield Va

I created this cartoon version of a Uncertain T using various scratch built items. I started off with a few selection of parts I found in scraps.

I used the Dave Deals Wheels Mailbu or Ferd engine block to start with. I also include a few others such as wheels and differental gear box which is of the DDW version.

I also used some after market wheel spokes and rear wheels. Headlight bezels and lens were from a 1 16 schale kit scraps. These are about all I collected to start building from scratch.

I used plastruct and evergreen plastics to build all body, frame, exhaust pipes. I then used sculpy clay to create a better firewall top as it was difficult finding parts to go with them. I then completed all in 60 hours, sanding and testing to fit all parts all together.

I then used Testors Boyd with tangerine orange discontinued paint. I learned Steve Scott used this color when he built his real version of Hot Rod.

I have a spot for this unique design and it sure stands out in the crowd of hot rod cars. It's a classic one, but in cartoon version.

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