Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

An oldie but goodie, the Undertaker was another kit from the glory days of the 60s. I was really glad when Polar Lights re-popped this one. I almost paid $300.00 for an original at one time. This is one of those kits you almost have to wear cotton gloves to make, since it's 90% chrome.

The re-pop is a little rough, and things don't fit exactly perfect. I seem to remember the original Aurora kit was a bit crisper than this one. But that was 40 years and a few thousand beers ago. My memory might just be playing tricks on me on that one.

Anyway, with a little glue and a lot of scraping the plating off the parts I had the frame and engine together. The frame likes to tweak on you, so I built a little jig. The body was glued together, sanded and primed, then painted pearl white. I then fogged the edges with Spanish Gold toner, followed by candy mint green.

I then added the decals and cleared it with Tamyia clear coat lacquer. The interior and top are painted pearl white, and all those little buttons were done with a Sharpie, and not very good now that I have a closer look at them. I tinted the top with Testors transparent green.

The model is box stock except for the rear tires and a pre wired magneto. I always loved this model. It was one of the first kits I thought I did a good job on as a kid, and it was nice to have a second chance at it.


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