S'hort Bus (kitbash)

Built by: Steve Hammann in Carlinville, Illinois

The "S'hort Bus" started out as a 1973 issue eBay gluebomb. It was in pretty sad shape when I got it but the freezer trick worked wonders separating the 30 year old glue. The only thing I couldn't save was one engine which was covered with glue so I decided to recreate one of Tom Daniel's all time best designs.

I took a section out of the body just behind the entry door and ahead of the second set of louvers on the roof. I then took a corresponding section out of the frame. I was able to save the rear engine block with its tranny and put all the topside goodies from the front engine on it.

After all the smoothing was done, I painted the chassis Boydıs Back & Blue Pearl and added a scratch-built scoop for the single engine. The body was painted regular school bus yellow and black.

The decals were printed on clear mailing address labels on my PC and thanks to Dkal Dan for the "little darlings" windows.

This build is now in the collection of fellow enthusiast Duwayne Love. By the way, I still have the sections I took out if anyone wants to build a S'cool Bus Limo!

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