Vette Van

Built by: Rich Haberkorn of Hagerstown, Maryland

I had been trying to get my hands on an old Barris SURF ROD kit which I had built as a child. I had first pick at an estate sale collection and the Vette Van kit is the only one that tripped my trigger. After a little thought I decided to make the Vette Van into a COOL Surf Rod.

Starting with the 1977 MPC Vette Van kit, I wanted something more flashy than the stock Chevy big block, so I dropped in a fuel injected 392 HEMI with a pyramid intake manifold and TWIN BLOWERS!

CheZoom Teal by BOYD for a nice ocean color and Slim 20s rims by H. Hydro. The surf board was scratch made from white pine and I 'blacked-out' the glass for those hot sunny days. Hey...Surf's-up...lets go!

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