Turbostar (Cherry Bomb kitbash)

Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

I started out to build a box stocker out of this one, but my mind started to wander as usual. I had the remains of a couple of Silhouette kits laying around, so I snagged the custom racing fenders for the rear. The front was elongated using a 39 Chevy hood that I wedge-cut and molded in using Evercoat glazing putty and sheet styrene. I cut the crap out of the body, ground sanded and finally, everything fit.

The rear wheels are from the Harley Ford truck kit from Revell. I put them through Pagisus 20' sleeves and they're mounted on tires from the Wagon Rod. The fronts are the Smoothster's Rears wheels, cut to fit the Prowler front tires.

For the bike, I shortened the forks, borrowed a front wheel from the Outlaw kit. The tire, seat, front fender and tank are also from the Revell Harley Ford truck kit.

The whole mess was base coated in white pearl and fogged in with yellow , gold and brown candy and pearls. The interior is a light tan with pearl black on the seat and black flocked panels.

I almost forgot--I found these great stencils for airbrushing fingernails with all kind of stars on them, so I blew a few on there just for fun. I tinted the bubble top, had a beer and went to bed. End of story. Thanks TD for all the great stuff to hack on!!!!


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