Popcorn Wagon

Built by: Bill Martens in Tampa, Florida

As we all know the Popcorn wagon and HardHat Hauler are not the best fitting kits. And built boxstock, they look bad. So I had to do it my way! I had to get rid of the front tires, so I used a 1/25 scale spoke wheels--being smaller it looks like the real push carts wheels. I had a 1/20 scale Distributor with wires made for it. Next, I had to get rid of the roof vents--they just don't look right. So I scratch-built a Vinyl roof out of styrene and a drawer mat from my Craftsman tool box.

I made a wood dash from a wood sample tile. I drilled out all the little holes on the undercarriage chrome. I used the Peanut-Headed shifter from my parts box. I hate this shifter but saved it for years now thinking someday I'd use it (Tell me you don't have one somewhere too--LOL)

..I made my own PopCorn out of Styrofoam and put down a tape under the popcorn. I had plans to do peanuts too but decided too hurry and finish this one. Well this is my PopCorn Wagon.

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