BIG Gasser (kitbash from Dave Marek Design)

Built by: William Jenkins from Schönaich, Germany

Dave Marek's drawings just blow me away! These are the things I wish the model companies would turn out. The Big Gasser struck me as a drawing that needed to come to life. I opened up the kit closet and pulled out the ingredients:

  • 1 Baja Beast
  • 3 Dodge Sidewinders
  • 1 Avenger Funnycar
  • some odds and ends from the parts box

The cab and dashboard are what's left of the Baja Beast. The headlights were lowered, a deuce grill installed, and the wheelwells moved backward. A new floorboard was scratch built, and seats from the parts box were used.

One Sidewinder frame was shortened and modified to accept the engine from the funnycar. The Beer Wagon supplied the fuel tanks. The intake was scratch-built to match the drawing. I sure wish I had some Alclad to chrome it!

A fifth wheel was taken from a 1/32 scale Kenworth, which also gave up its frame for the trailer. The trailer was constructed using a transformer from the AMT lowboy trailer and sheet plastic. Taillights from the parts box are on the rear. The engine was wired and fuel lines added, as well as air and electric lines to the trailer. I think the flame treads on the Sidewinder tires go quite well with a gas truck!

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