Li'l Coffin
(with custom display)

Built by: Scott Harrod in Ulladulla, N.S.W. Australia

My good mate Tony (the Green Lapper) Dahl bought this show rod for me at Christmas 2001. Tony and I used to build lots of these Monogram show rod models when we were kids in the Blue Mountains ( Western N.S.W. Australia) in the early 70's. He and I had stuff like 'The Red Baron', 'S'cool Bus', 'Groovy Grader', 'The Dragon Wagon' , 'Pie Wagon', 'Paddy Wagon' ect and of course the 'Lil Coffin'!

My first Li'l Coffin model ended up totally GLUE BOMBED! It was the 'second edition' version with the wonderful box art of the haunted house in the background. This NEW one is the Limited Edition 50th anniversary kit (which is getting to be a very rare kit to get your hands on in Australia now!)

I wanted to build this kit right this time, so I glued and sanded the body, chassis & engine block to remove all the seams and filled any imperfections. Next I sprayed the body with acrylic micro metallic silver then a Candy Magenta of my own mix. Over the Candy I shot an enamel high gloss Clear.

I hand-painted the engine block Tamiya Gold Leaf and sprayed the chassis Wattyl Attique Gold. The interior is Tamiya Flat White and the seat inserts are a mix of Flat White & Gold Leaf to take the gloss off. The floor pan underneath is painted in Tamiya semi-gloss Black.

'Mr Bones' is wet brushed in very thinned flat Black then dry brushed in a mix of flat white & flesh (more to the white side). After I finished it, I when out and bought a display case for it. I wanted it to look like the old box art, so I printed out the 1966 box design off Dave's site and then scanned it back in to my computer and digitally removed the car. I digitally stretched it, then printed it and stuck it on the rear face of the clear display box and put the whole thing together. Looks rather authentic don't you think?

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