Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

Looking back, I remember building the T'rantula when it first came out in 68 or somewhere around that time. This has to be one of the coolest digger/show cars ever designed. Sleek and low.

I first smoothed out the body and got rid of the two bumps in the front where the lights go, and all the body lines, including the louvers on the fenders. I then painted it House of Color Candy Organic Green over a silver base, a beautiful color. I then masked the front end off and painted it pearl white, then blended a red into it. Sort of reminds me of Christmas.

The interior is black pearl and I tinted the windshield. I added a more conventional blower to the engine, and wired and plumbed it, and added JPS front wheels,and rear slicks and mags from the LI"L Coffin. Hats off to T.D. for this one!


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