Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

The Outcast was based on the old show rod, the Fire Truck #13 by Chuck Miller who build (among other things) the 1:1 Red Baron.

Unfortunately, when they made it into kit form they cheated a bit, using the old chassis from the King T, It didn't exactly fit. The engine sat way to far foreword, and the suspension was a straight axle on the original, as opposed to an independent one.

That said, it still is a very cool subject to work with. The only thing I really did different to the kit, was to add the front blown Hemi from the Undertaker, and a few of the skulls. The Paint is a light purple toner in a clear base, with violate pearl flake added to it over a white pearl, then fogged with a candy violate pearl. The interior is done in white pearl and black flocked carpet. The pipes are from the Sand Shark. I needed something wild, and they fit the bill nicely. The front wheels are JPS photo etched wires. A semi tough suspension to build, but a very cool car when finished.

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