Paddy Wagon "Extended"
(TD classic kitbash)

Built by: Ed McManus in Barron, Wisconsin

These kits where Paddy Wagons of two different issues. One blue issue and the other one black. I had several broken ones that had gold pieces. I cut the front half of one off and the back half of the other one off and made sure that the wheels lined up to look like duel axles. I then cut the front motor frames from three other wagons and turned the front axle upside down to give the front end a lift to keep the rear axles from touching the ground.

All the cage work is made of brass rods and brass square tubing. The rear doors open on hinges. The color is pepper red. The headers were made out of aluminum tubing. The four little tubes are 1/8th tubing.

The collector is made out of 1/4th tubing. I made it by taking solid copper wire of the same size (3) and then taking an awl to enlarge the hole to fit the four tubes. The tail pipes are 7/32 aluminum tubes that I bent to fit the contours of the underside. I drilled holes in the motors so the tubes would fit inside to give a realistic look. I used super glue to keep them in place.

On the headlights, I cut them off and glued them up higher on the radiator. That wing in the back was in a parts box (where it came from I don't even know, but I thought it looked good.) I found the figure in the parts box too and decided it made a nice touch. The fuzz on the grill I just sanded off the chrome. The part was black anyway. The windshield braces were made from brass rod also.

All the parts are from Paddy Wagons except the driver, wing, cage, headers, tailpipes and the windshield braces.

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