Bad Medicine

Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

I had to do this to this model. I love this car, and I had just sold the one I just built on Ebay. There sat a fresh unbuilt kit, ready to tear into, but there were things that bugged me about it, and I had to do something about it.

This is a dragster, and dragsters sit on the ground. A razor saw up the axle well took care of that. I may be wrong, but I always felt the engine was to far forward. So out comes the razor saw again. ZAPP !!!! Back it went, and then a slice of sheet plastic filled the gap. I added a ridge down the center just for fun.

Next I had to lower that roof, and get rid of those fenders. Once again, the razor saw was brought into action. I cut the fenders then cut along the body line, from about the center of the cab back to the rear. Then I wedge cut it and leaned the whole thing foreword. After all the glue dried, I sanded the body smooth and filled all the low spots with putty, then flat boarded the whole car again. I primed and sealed it with Variprime 620, so the lacquer wouldn't attack all that body work.

I then gave it 5 coats of black, and several coats of clear. I let it dry, then taped off for my scallops. I used House Of Color Mabelizer and added green pearl flake to it, and sprayed a few light coats over the exposed areas. I also did some purple ghost flames. I then peeled the tape and cleared the hell out of it with Tempo Classic Lacquer.

The engine is a blown Hemi I stole from the Ram Charger Dragster. Ya I know it's 1/25 scale and the Bad M is 1/24, but it looks cool, and this isn't an IPMS show, this is a missile of death show rod, and the guy driving has nothing to loose.

The interior is done in violate flock and I moved the sickle hand brake inside the drivers compartment. Mr. Bones is done over in a black wash to bring out his wonderful features. Last but not least, I cut the wheel bar down and attached it to where the push bar would go. T.D. designed great cars to have fun with. This kit was a lot of fun!


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