Dragon Wagon

Built by: Eric Slaughter in Raytown, Missouri

In building the Dragon Wagon, I wanted to bring together the look of the box art and a few of my own little insights on what makes the Dragon Wagon appealing.

To start with, I polished the whole body to bring out a nice glossy luster. After polishing, I used red to trim the body, frame, and cage as depicted on the box art. To add some extra highlights to the red, I painted the inner cage trim blue, scrolling green, lion gold, rear door hinges orange and lettering black. The interior to the cage, roof of cage and the rear step were painted flat brown.

Adding to the detail of the vehicle, I flocked the floorboards, seat cushions, and head rests with black flocking. Wanting to have a more authentic fuel cel, I added a knock off from the parts bin as a makeshift fuel cap. Aside from that, there were lots of little things like the tiger tail shifter, water pail, monkey radiator cap, steering wheel, and radiator that were also painted up to give it more realism.

The Dragon was painted with a flat green and highlighted with a dull yellow on the spikes that fades down onto its body. A very bright red was used on the eyes and the mouth and white on the teeth. As for modifications, distributor and wiring were added, as well as brake rotors and lining, and a small line from the fuel cel to the body were added for more realism. To sum it all up, it was a fun kit to build that brought back a ton of memories. If you liked my "Working Taxi", then you will most certainly like my modified Dragon Wagon that will soon be in the works.


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