"Working Taxi" a.k.a. Tijuana Taxi

Built by: Eric Slaughter in Raytown, Missouri

I built "the Working Taxi" to be an all-purpose vehicle. Included is everything an all-purpose guy might need traveling from town to town.

In a trip to California, I found the Taxi partially built. It had already been painted brown with the black & white checker pattern on the seats. I liked the start on it, so I filled this sweet ride with some 'slight' modifications and accessories to make traveling in the Tijuana Taxi as sweet as can be!

Guitar - scratch built.
Sombrero - scratch built.
Black & white piglets and Pink pig- found in a craft supply store
Lizard - alligator found in an old 3 in 1 kit and modified.
Bongos - also found in an old 3 in 1 kit.
Small cage on roof - scratch built, nothing inside.
Bucket, Shovel, Medicine box, Gas can, Extinguisher, Shotguns and Hat in back seat were all found in a parts bin.
CB radio - could have been any mid 70s kit... LOL!
Antennas on right and left steps - same as above
Horns over back seat - Li'l Stogie kit

Injectors and headers were slightly hollowed out.
Beer Wagon keg halved and placed in the rear seat area with steins
Kit came with single fenders, I doubled them up to allow for some wider skins.
Fog lamps over the roof sign are from a '32 Ford kit
Front fenders were taken from a Paddy Wagon kit cause I liked the way they looked.

That's the "Working Taxi"!! Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it.


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