The T'ranosaur

Built by: Jan Madsen

I liked the lines of the driver's section of the T'rantula. I decided to build a two-seat street rod version.

I spliced two T'rantula seat/interior sections together, then widened a body to match. The engine is a casting of the 1/24 Miss Budweiser Rolls-Merlin engine that I had made years ago. I shortedned and Z'ed a '34 Duesenberg frame to carry the weight and provide front springs. The windshield (ill-fitting as it is) was ground down from the '53 Studebaker chopped-top rear window. The rest of the hardware is from my parts stash. The front and rear grills were made from expained aluminum mesh. The theme was carried to the firewall by cutting sheet plastic to shape, gluing the mesh to it, and then lightly burnishing dull aluminum foil over the mesh.

The paint is air-brushed Createx Auto Air pearls in a two-tone lizard green over underbelly white. I used clear Krylon Special Purpose Lacquer for gloss.

I thought I was finished, but the assembled model looked a little sparse in the front. I modified some '32 Ford fenders to fit the frame and air-brushed them with paint I had saved from the body.

The first part of the name honors the base kit. The last part is for its size - and perhaps its roar.


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