The Rodfather

Built by: Bob Spedding / Citrus Park , Florida

This was my first attempt at building one of these early Revell kits . Originally issued as the Tweedy Pie it was later reissued with Psychedelic decals and named The Rodfather .

I built this right out of the box except for substituting the kits rear slicks for some more detailed tires of the same size . I also added a pre-wired distributor and some fine mesh brass screen on the radiator .
The paint is Duplicolor Royal Blue and Tamiya Pure White .

I coated the 40 year old decals with Decal Bonder and they went on like they were brand new !

I was surprised at how difficult it was to assemble all of the little parts that make up the suspension and the steering , it takes a lot of patience . Also the alignment of all the major components is pretty tricky .

The frame , suspension , engine , body , bed , and windshield all just float around and getting everything square with the world is a major accomplishment ! I got it pretty close !

Overall this was a fun little model and I plan on building a couple of the other versions Revell has reissued over the years


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