Tire Truck (kitbash)

Built by: Rich Haberkorn of Hagerstown, Maryland

Wouldn't it be nice to call on The TIRE TRUCK the next time your SHOW ROD gets a flat?

This was a fun to build Kitbash using mainly 2 kits and a die-cast model. The Cab was from the Pie Wagon, the fender/floorboard section and the truck bed was from AMT '25 Ford Roadster kit, and the engine/frame,front tires/wheels, and headlights were from a '32 American Graffiti die-cast model.

The tools were from a Lindburg tow truck kit. It was can sprayed 'Candy Grape' [thanks BOYD].

Got a flat?..... call The Tire Truck, but don't worry....he goes to all the shows anyway.

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