Death Koach (kitbash)

Built by: Tim Nolan in Edgewater, Florida

The Death Koach started out as a glue bomb MPC T Trike chopper, and the Boothill Express. The idea is kind of a Raiders Coach reversed, with the hearse wagon-in-tow wielding all the horsepower, pushing along the trike cab!!

The trike body was filled and sanded, then painted with HOK Kandy Rootbeer over a gold & silver base, the hearse wagon was sprayed the same way.

The hearse was built basically stock from the motor back--everything forward was eliminated, the framework modified to become the towbar. I added a cast resin distributor to the motor, and one photoetched pulley face.

The lamp lenses were done with stained-glass gel. Tires on both parts are American Satco Mickey Thompson low profiles, mounted on deep-dish rims from two MPC trike kits, the front tire and rims from the same.

MPC's Creepy T kit donated many parts, including the casket fuel tank inside the hearse, the snake ornamentation on the tow-bar, the tombstone radiator, the rear lantern on the cab, and the batand sideways-mounted headlamps mounted on the front forks. Those lamps double as both headlights on front, and rear view mirror on the backside!

Inside, the cab is completely flocked with brown Kens Fuzzy Fur. Riding in the cab are a screaming skeleton rider in the rear, and a freaked out skeletal driver complete with wild furry hair and bulging eyes!! Both were fabricated from Lil Coffin & Boothill skeletons, and dry-brushed with flat white, grey, and tan. The driver is shifting with a bloody eyeball shifter made from a straight pin, and carrying a sickle made of brass rod and plastruct with foil covering.

The club tag,Wagoneers/Death Valley, and hangman¹s noose holder from TD came out of the scrapbox, and my son donated a tiny rat from his Harry Potter figures to ride shotgun up front!! I had a blast building this one!!

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