Built by: Paul Canney in Avon Lake, Ohio

This started out as an ebay-built reject. Unfortunately, it was missing a few key parts.

The headers that came on the built up looked like they came off of some kid's toy. Not very realistic and not to scale. I ended up scratch-building this set out of evergreen plastic tubing with wire inside. Then, they were treated to Alclad II chrome lacquer.

The decals on the side are a touch of self indulgence that were custom made by slipperyarts.com. The original decals were long gone, and I never really cared for the Bugaboo logo anyway.

All the chrome was washed with a tooth brush and dish detergent and then covered in clear lacquer.

The chassis is painted Ferrari Grigio Titanio Metallic lacquer. The body is Candy Lemon lacquer over Yellow Rose Pearl lacquer over Ferrari Modena lacquer over white.

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