Tiger Shark

Built by: Dave Young in Junction City, Kansas

I bought this Tiger Shark model as a "built" at a model swap meet some years back. It was heavily painted yellow, with a black interior. Actually, it was in pretty good shape. The only thing missing was the exhaust pipes.

Now, when I was a kid, one of my favorite Hot Wheels I had was the "Python", and it was painted an antifreeze pink color. So, I knew immediately what color I wanted to paint the Tiger Shark. After the body came out of the strip tank and prepped, I shot a silver base coat, then went real light with Testors Candy Grape to get at least close to the color of my Hot Wheel.

The interior was painted classic white with a silver pearl overcoat, followed by a semi gloss clear overcoat. Carpeting is grey.

Outside, I angle-cut some aluminum tubing for exhaust pipes, polished them up, and mounted them in place of the missing originals. You will notice that the hood does not fit worth a darn. Since I "restored" this car many years ago, my level of "correctness" had increased immensely. I guess I need to get that problem fixed!


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