High Tech T (kitbash)

Built by: Harley Richards in Croydon, Surrey, England

Even the most dedicated Ford hater must know it's their 100th anniversary this year and, as part of the celebrations, they have built six brand new Model Ts. But as we all know, Ford isn't afraid to produce off-the-wall stuff as well. So what if their SVO boys and girls had been given a design brief to build a hot rod for the 21st century, but based around the principles of the very first rods, namely; use whatever is to hand and if something's not involved in making the car go or stop, then bin it. I think I know how the first design meeting would have gone.

"OK team, we need a kick-butt motor and some monster wheels and tires to get us started, what've we got?"

"Well, the Mach III ain't lookin' too fly these days so we could use that lump."

"Good start, but let's get rid of all that power assistance and emissions junk shall we? And I want to see some proper air filters on it, a full race car ignition system, a no-nonsense sequential gearbox, at least 500 hp and an open exhaust, now go get building."

"Er, won't that engine fry the radiator boss?"

"So stick the rad out the back somewhere and use the grille shell as the fuel tank. Jeez, do I have to do all the thinking around here? Wheels and tyres anyone?"

"What about the stuff on the GT90?"

"Yeah, that pile of scrap never ran worth jack anyway, better yank the brakes too while you're at it. Oh, and the seats, they're kinda cool. Body?"

"Gotta be a Model T chief, so how about I get one knocked up in carbon fibre?"

"Bitchin'. Carbon fibre rocks. Someone talk to me about suspension."

"Independent all round."


"Hell, we're engineers, let's make it!" (Cheers all round)

"OK. Hey, do ya think those dumb-ass bean counters would notice if we snuck in a Jag-type IRS?"

"Cool, and we could hide it in a carbon fibre cage just to be on the safe side."

"Now we're cookin'. Someone go build me a real tough frame to hang all this stuff off will ya? And rustle up the smallest lights and legal bits ever made while you're at it so we can go cruising,"


"What? What did I say?"

"Um, well no-one said anything about actually driving this thing boss."

"Huh? You're tellin' me you don't want to show that bunch of losers over at GM what real gear heads can do? That you're scared of a car with 500 hp and no weight?. Right, I'll do it myself then, just as soon as I get my Valium scrip renewed and buy me several changes of underwear. Jeez, the things I do for this company."

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