Pie Wagon
(with custom display)

Built by: Scott Harrod in Ulladulla, N.S.W. Australia

Hungry? Late at night seein' the sights of Sydney & the 'ol stomach is growlin'? Well it won't growl as loud as this little Pie Wagon! This is the "Harry's CAFE de WHEELS" Pie Wagon.

As you can see it's the all time great Tom Daniel's design left box stock except for the paint colour. Nothing has changed in the original kit other than the gear stick knob is now an 'Eight Ball'. This is the first kit that I have built & painted the interior and then joined the two halves of the body together and puttied, sanded, masked & sprayed!! (Thanks 'Boom' for the knowledge!!)

The colour is ...silver micro metalic base, Kandy/Pearl yellow (of my own mixing) and red in the mix then dusted around the edges. The Logo is a hand painted (NEVER AGAIN!!!) copy of the real Harry's Cafe de Wheels design.

Background is downloaded then printed photo of Harry's at night from their web site. Harry's is a Famous little Pie Van in Sydney where celebrities have been seen (even Colonel Sanders once had a Pie'n'Peas there!). Hope you like a different version of a classic. It still is one of my favorite T.D. designs.

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