Built by: Paul Canney [cc: Funnybug], Sharon Center, Ohio.

This is one of those models where the box art far exceeds the finished model. I'm not saying it's a bad model. I just expected more of a wow factor.

The Stingaree shares everything underneath with the Bugaboo and Maxi Mav, and all but the headers with the Infini-T. They got 4 different models out of this space aged design chassis. In fact, there is a Bugaboo body pivot included in this reissue.

I used an aftermarket set of Mako Shark funny car decals and also painted it like the real Corvette funny using Cobra Colors Metallic Blue over silver metallic fading to gray primer. I also did a simple plug wiring job on the hemi, and changed out the front spokes for a set of Revell Baretta pro street Cragars.

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