Santa's Rod

Built by: Robert Spedding (tooold) Florida, USA

This is a combination of Tom Daniel's Rommel's Rod and a Rupp Super Sno - Sport .

The Rommel's Rod body was modified to give it a "rake" and make it appear smaller . The tracks were modified and I added 8 resin wheels .

A plain '32 Ford dash was installed and a rear seat from a '29 Ford Sedan would become the front seat . Next the front half of the Sno-Sport was grafted onto the body , but the stock fairings were removed and smaller ones were made using sheet styrene .

The engine is a Big Block Chevy from my parts bin . The front suspension and steering components are stock pieces from the Sno-Sport .

It's painted with Tamiya Clear Red over a base of Rustoleum Metallic Aluminum , and finished with Tamiya Clear and gold pinstriping tape . The interior is red valvet for the seat , green felt for the carpet , and green ribbon with gold trim to finish it off .

Then I added the lights from my parts bin and Rudolph's Nose ( from a Lindberg Police Car ), and a Corvette gas cap for the radiator cap .

Santa and his helpers are by Jimmy Flintstone and painted with craft acrylics . The seated helper was actually a "trophy queen" in a swim suit that I reworked a bit using modeling clay ! All the presents are just cut up peices of foam , painted and sprinkled with glitter . I also added the bicycle , a sled , and there's a Radio Flyer wagon in there somewhere !

It took almost two months to build and was finished just in time for a " Merry Christmas " !

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