Sand Crab Coupe (custom)

Built by: Harley Richards, Croydon, Surrey, England

It's a sand storming, rut riding, mud slinging, boonie bashing buggy!

What can I say about this? It's essentially a resin body (from ModelMartin) perched on some salvaged Sand Crab running gear and, er, that’s it.

However, I did take the opportunity to rectify a few fit issues with the original parts (i.e. the exhaust is now a much tighter fit, as is the rear bash plate) and turn it from a show rod into something a bit more usable in the real world. Hence the big off road tyres up front, raised front suspension, filters on the carbs (you can’t see them but I know they're there!), seat belts, mirrors and some sturdy wheels – as opposed to the kit's pretty but delicate six spokers.

Coat it in metallic purple with a go faster stripe, glue on an early California plate and you're ready to go dune bashing or cruising in style!

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