Boot Hill Express

Built by: Earl R. Simons, Duvall, Washington

This simple 'Box-on-wheels' gave me more grief than Nemo's Car! - I had to shave the body & frame a little to get the right stance & get most parts to align straight.

I didn't quite like the original black/gold paint job, so I shot it in Ivory with 2 coats Gloss pearl clear coat. The curtains are flocked, & the Hemi is wired. Monogram mis-cast the rear windows with the raised frame on the inside. The side class is correct. 

The cemetery in the backdrop is the real cemetery in Carnation, WA. - although I had to raise the gate posts, move the tombstones over, and re-make the gates on my computer.

I started this kit over a decade ago (painted black), & finally got the inspiration to finish it last year.


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