Mummy Machine

Built by: D'Heuvaert Frederik, Zingem Country: Belgium (Europe)

I learned of this model by means of this Internet site, Dave's Show Rod Rally. In Europe, such models are difficult to find, so I bought this kit on the Internet in America.

I painted the head of the car with matt-white from Revell. Afterwards, I painted it with oil painting. Around the head have I covered everything with a red substance. The body of the car is purple car paint and gold is gold powder which I mixed with acrylic resin varnish of Talens.

The rims are off the AMT Surf Woody. I have made the kabels on the engine and the petrol tank under the pyramid itself.

I have chosen for a diorama of Horus because Horus lost his eye in a fight. And the Mummy Machine also has only one eye so it made sense.

The wall has been made of wargames which I have cultivated to 1/25th scale.

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