Tucker Triclops (kitbash)

Built by: Earl R. Simons, Duvall, Washington

This is basically just a hunka resin--But it's a WAYdownintheweedsBITCHINCOOL hunka resin!  It is a Jimmy Flintstone, I think. (I can't remember details much due to the 1970s)! 

Like 'CHEZOOM', this curbside is simply an exercise in style of what a show/custom 1948 TUCKER Torpedo might look like.  The kit included the body, headlights, axles, rims & tires (that I didn't use), undercarriage plate, exhaust tips, and photo etched license plate, rear taillight frame & 'Triclops' badges.

I Painted it Turbine Bronze that I had leftover from building Chrysler's Turbine car, which (as it turned out) accents its lines very nicely. I had to alter the undercarriage plate to line up all axles into the wells correctly and I shaved the inside top area of the front wells to get the wheels out where I wanted them.

Also, I didn't like the way it came, with the window area wrapping all the way around from the windshield to the divided 'V' at the rear, so I reworked a body pillar into the sides to retain a little more "Tucker" look to it (aside from the Three headlights, rear deck & exhausts, of course!).

The 'glass' is done with black bare metal foil, with two gold metal foil accents on the front braces. - That's pretty much it! - What would Preston Tucker say?!

editor's note: I think Preston would dig Earl's creation, as well as 1:1 builder Ron Ida's 2005 NEW Tucker, pictured below:

Link to learn more about Rob Ida's NEW Tucker

Original 1948 Tucker Torpedo:

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