Rommel's Rod

Built by: Bill Horton

Here is the re-pop of Rommel's Rod. It is box stock with the exception of some bullet holes in the figures. It was painted with Tamiya acrylics and given some light weathering similar to my armor models.

The RR was built on a dare of sorts from my friend Jimmy, manager of Craftec Hobbies in Windsor CT. He was saying how much he'd like to see an RR built like a military vehicle. Since that is what I build for the most part, I thought I'd oblige him. The kit is almost 100% box stock. I painted it Tamiya Desert Yellow (what else?) followed by a glosscoat for decals, an oil wash for panel lines and raised features, and then a dull overcoat and a thick layer of thinned Tamiya buff for a dusty effect. The skeletons recieved a wash of yellow ochre to 'sun bleach' them. Both had bullet holes drilled in their skulls, the only modification to the kit.



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