Dragon Wagon's

Built by: Rick Correia

I walked into my local hobby shop a few weeks ago, and was shocked & surprised to see the Dragon/Circus Wagon on the shelf. I grabbed it immediatly. I then asked if the Rommels Rod had also been reissued, again to my amazement he said yes, but had sold out of them. Not to waist any time I pay for the Circus Wagon and rush home to get on the Computer. There it is Rommels Rod on Amazon!!!, I click a few buttons and the Rommels Rod will be arriving in 3 or 4 days. A 40 year wait is over!!!. These reissues have peaked my interest and do a search Tom Daniels, Circus Wagon, Rommels Rod, and find your web site. The Guest Gallery is amazing, I had no idea these kits were being built by some extremly talented hobbyist. I started the Circus Wagon first, not really knowing what to expect in the way of my build. 30 Years has past since my last attempt. New tools and techniques had to to be employed "Bare Metal Foil", and some Flocking, this was going to be a challenge. A few weeks has past since I took that trip to the local hobby shop and here are a few photos of the completed Dragon. I felt the stock Dragon looked more like a Crockodile or T-rex with a Spiked Backbone. The Dragon needed wings, something all Western Dragons are born with. By bending some small brass wire, and sandwiching the wire between 2 pieces of masking tape I had the basic wing, after some trimming of the tape, and adding some tips off a half dozen toothpics to make the wing claws I was done, less than a 1/2 hour in total build time for the wings. Thanks for the cool site and inspiration!!!.

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