Built by: Jerry Glenzinski


This is a tribute to a 21st Century Automotive Stylist, the late Elden Titus.

The base was a Silhouette that I chopped the bubbletop carriage off of. Added fenders on front(from the kit) and back(from a speed racer), made a spider-webbed roof with sheet plastic, fishing line and half-round.

The white pleating in side was from a foam paper plate. added photo-etched webbing to the back window.

Wheels are M5 Bronze from Pegasus, Redlines added as well as chrome disc brakes. Photo-etched spider webbed steering wheel, key and some other small details from Model Car Garage.

Paint is Testors Magic Maroon. Front "Spider Fang" Bumpers are made from putty and then Allcladed. Tail-lights are mini Christmas tree lights decor. Blowers are from the Paddy Wagon kit.

I was honored to have won "The Elden Titus Creative Concept Design Award" chosen by his wife at the KKOA leadsled in Kansas.


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