Built by: Steve Flora

this is one way to clean up your junk yard. I started out building a rat rod. i had the undertaker i never built so i exstented the chassic and threw in the engine. the cab is a 32 ford i had chopped and sprayed it a gummetal metalizer. and made a tilt cab. all the props and all the toys and whisles are from the undertaker also. the rear tires are from the paddy wagon. I high lighted some of the parts in a clear green to give it a nice touch.also wired the engine and added the fuel lines. the chassic is from a 57 ford pickup exstented. the grill is also from the paddywagon. the rear bumper is from a gasser. the front cowl was chopped and hand made the inside and under the chassic. the twin carbs are also from a junker. over all the orginal under takertaker was nice but to flimsy and the parts were to small. so i beefed it up a little. so this is my sick verion of the undertaker hope you like it. and still to come is his ohter sick partner the reaper rod. steve-o.


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