Red Baron

Built by: Scotty Harrod ~ Australia

Here's the old T.D. favourite (and one of mine!) the RED BARON.
This kit was acquired from a swap meet in Brisbane for me from my old mate Tony (the Green Lapper) Dahl for a yet still undisclosed sum of moneys! (I'll get the truth outta you someday Dahl! ...all I know it was cheap as chips!).
The thing was in pretty good nick for a older one except for a dull chrome on the helmet& a run in the chrome on the back of it! (never came across that before??) Otherwise the kit is 'perfectamondo'.
Built this'un as per instructions, (is our Scotty gettin' soft??) but added a bit more detail.
Seeing as this is a 70's show rod it need to be more than just plain Red, so I gave it a shot of Silver acrylic over the body, chassis & console / dashboard. Then tried a new idea using Tamyia clear Red....YEP....instant candy apple! (Just gotta thin it a bit to get a nice flow through the airbrush). Once you get the desired amount of Red let dry then add a coat or two of Acrylic Clear...YUMMY!
After building the 'Baron' I forgot how small it is!
Hope you folks like it ...have to admit...I DO!

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