Paddy Wagon

Built by: Scotty Harrod, Australia

What can I say but, I love this T.D. classic!
I remember buildin' the Paddy Wagon as a kid and painting the body in Humbrol french blue!..YUCK!
This is one of the latest paddy Wagon kits, as the gold is only in chrome (Bummer!)
So!, I here you asking, why has this one got gold parts? Years ago one of you great blokes on the Show Rod site sent me a set of Paddy Wagon scoops, engine parts & rims in gold for a project I was working on at the time. (sorry I can't remember who it was!! But you'll know if it was you and THANK YOU AGAIN!!)
I used the rocker covers, injection & exhaust covers on this but the rest I painted over with a thin coat of Tamyia clear yellow...looks just like the original plate as long as you don't put too much on!
 The rest is pretty much box stock except for the paint colour (that's mid blue acrylic with heaps of pearl looks great in the sun!)

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