Beer Wagon

Built by: Scotty Harrod,  Australia

G'DAY show rodders!
Ya get it workin' ...ya get it shirkin'...ya get it pullin' a plow....matter 'o' fact I got it now!
A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer an' the best cold beer is.........TOM DANIEL'S BEER WAGON!
What Aussie boy does'nt deserve a Beer Wagon.........mmmmmmmmmm  beeeeer!
Sorry got of the track...
This little piece of T.D. history was sent to me by our very own Willis Pierce for our T.D. comp a few years back.
If I had'nt had a house move etc at the time this and the Pie Wagon would have been entered in the stock section.
Basically it's a box stock version with attention to detail using only paint and putty for the gaps.
This is a fun kit for all builders from six to sixty, easy to build and looks great!

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