Uncle Tom Daniel's Cabin

Built by: Scotty Harrod ~ Australia

G'day all...
Yes I know what you are sayin'  "IT'S ABOUT BLOODY TIME SCOTTY"!!!!
But after the years I've had, you have to give a bloke a break...please!
No doubt you've seen this in several stages over the years but here is the official final finished version of the T.D.Cabin.
The story dates back to late 2003, I sent an artwork of the 'Cabin' to Tom Daniel himself as a thank you for all the great models during my (and all of ours) childhoods.  I also sent the artwork to Dave here and the remarks started to roll back to me as "that would make a great kit bash" etc.  It was then I had my first feeling of dred! How the bloody hell was I going to build it? This took several sleepless nights of wondering where I was going to get the parts needed to make a log cabin in the right scale? You see it's relatively easy to draw but a pain in the arse to build it outta nothin'! Needless to say here that there are much more talented builders on this site than myself and I was hoping that one of 'em was gonna take up the challenge to build it!!!
But the challenge had been set, the gauntlet struck and poor 'ol Scotty started to gather parts and stuff to build the Kitbash from HELL!
Here's the parts list..
1. poly rectangle tube for chassis
2. wooden dowel & balsa wood
3. 1/24th scale hemi & two blowers and scoops
4. Pie wagon wheels and side lights
5. four old texta colour pens
6. poly styrene sheet
7. one barrel & keg from Beer Wagon
8. assorted bits from spares box. eg windscreen from T bucket, BIG back tires, front I beam axle & arms, and a diff off ..er..something or other?
9. a small amount of car filler to mould into my dumb arse grill design! (what was I thinking?)
10. about six months of cursin' & swearin' to put the thing together.
11. finish it off with one beautiful 'D'kal Dan' decal design and Tom's your Uncle!
To tell you the truth I'm glad you blokes made me build this, I honestly did'nt think it would have turned out as neat as it did.
Not long after I finished it we had to move house and I lost one of the rear louver shutter doors (which i have to re-build again when I get around to it!)
So I hope you enjoy the photos ....


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