Rat Rod Refueler
(Li'l Gasser kitbash)

Built by: Mark Fergel in Richmond, Virginia

This is the AMT Lil Gasser. I felt it needed a different look and turned it into the Rat Rod Refueler.

The tank was rusted using a two part painting system available at most craft stores. The base paint actually contains metal fillings. This is followed by a chemical coat, which rusts the fillings in about 24 hours. I also applied this paint in a few spots on the model to give it a further rusted look.

The primary color of the model was achieved with multiple coats of paint and washes consisting of reds, grays, browns, etc. I found that in some cases, the chemical used in the two part rusting system also interacted with some of the paint giving it a lime wash type affect turning the paint white.

The interior is mostly stock with some flocking on the floor board.

I did scratchbuild the base for the tank, as the kit base didn't fit together very well. I used a popsicle stick for the signs on the rear deck.

Not my usual subject matter but a fun and interesting build.

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