Ice 'T' (customized)

Built by: Kim Sondergaard in Nęstved, Denmark

When I started my Ice T, I knew already that there were some things I had to change along the way.

The big Monogram slicks were left out, and a couple of smaller slicks from the parts box, took their place. The front tires were replaced with a pair of Arii tires, and the scoop was replaced by the very big scoop from Monogram's Challenger street machine.

I never really liked the bike style handlebars, after all this IS a car, so I replaced them with a steering wheel from my parts box. Finally, I closed the rear door...

Along the way, I found out that the chrome gas tanks had a terrible fit. It looked like one half was bigger than the other, on both tanks. Therefore I had to fiddle a lot to make them look OK, so I dechromed them, and painted them body color, then added some flames.

When it was time to paint the Ice T, I really had no doubt about which color to give it. Well, its called the Ice T, so it simply had to be ice blue. I used a spray can from Motip. I added a couple of pinstripings, and the interior was done in different Humbrol colors--the engine is Humbrol yellow.

And that's the story on my Ice T.

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