Li'l Yeller

Built by: Ron Lambert in Johnston, Rhode Island

This is the Yeller I bought off Dave. I had to reconstruct the rear, lower body out of sheet styrene. I painted up a Li'l Gasser Frame and painted the piece I modified with some really bright NASCAR yellow I found at the hobby shop. I also stripped the old black paint off the roof and repainted it.

I could not get the body apart nor could I get the windows out. I was really discouraged by the fact that I was going to have to mask all those windows to paint it. I put it away and forgot about it.

One rainy Saturday Morning I needed a model project. I wanted to watch the NASCAR demo derby so I had to keep my hands busy. I pulled out the Yeller and looked at it. I started thinking about how few kits I painted as a kid....... Hmmm...... I said "Screw it. I'm building this TODAY."

I whipped out the glue and started at it. By 9 PM it was done and on display. It looks really good unpainted. I just polished up the plastic as best as I could.

I used the valve covers from the '33 Willys kit because they are chrome but the rest of the parts came from the Li'l Gasser and the Li'l Yeller.

One thing I did was leave the interior alone. When I sold my Yeller to Paul I kept the interior my uncle had painted way back when. Those mistakes he made painting 30+ years ago used to bug me, but now I look inside this thing and the memories come flooding back. So thanks to my Uncle Steve for turning me onto models and thanks to Dave for selling me this AWESOME kit!!!

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