Built by: Paul Canney in Avon Lake, Ohio

I lucked out on getting this one from a seller on ebay. Although I was the high bidder, it didn't meet his reserve price. He needed cash fast though and offered it to me at my high bid, so I grabbed it.

It was in sorry shape when I received it. The clam shell top had been glued to the body, and the rear panel of the top was upside down and inside out. There was a lot of glue....

I stripped it down, sanded it up and replaced the broken front axle with one from a Monogram Boomer Bucket I had kicking around.

The body didn't sit right and with directions emailed to me from Willis Pierce, I saw that the original builder had tried to get the whole body to lift like a funny car.

It's as close to correct as possible now. All the chrome is Alclad lacquer. The paint is Prowler Purple Metallic lacquer, and the decals are from Slixx and Cady.

I never built one of these before, but I wish I had. It's cool!


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